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Our Re-Plugged trips (for Palestinian children living in West Bank refugee camps*):

Pre-trip meeting:  The children meet to get to know each other and to find out about events in and goals of this program.

Day 1:  We gather at the refugee camp early and set off for Jerusalem/Al Quds, passing through a checkpoint. We get a view of the Old City from a rooftop, visit holy sites, walk in the market and have lunch. Next we go to the sea and participate in programming offered by Rabita (a local organization), including a walking tour of Jaffa/Yaffa. The children stay in the homes of local families who are Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Day 2:  The children visit the villages from which their families fled in 1948.

Post-trip meeting: The children look at the photos they took during the trip and create an exhibit and presentation for the residents of the camp.

Exhibit event:  The children host an opening at the refugee camp in which they present the photos and objects they gathered on the trip. During the event they share stories, songs, and dances with their community and hear from community elders about their heritage.

*At this time we are unable to offer trips for children from the camps of Gaza due to prohibitive travel restrictions imposed by the Israeli authorities.