Birthright Unplugged has three exhibits of photography by children in living in refugee camps in the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria that are available to tour. For more information about hosting an exhibit: BRUP Exhibit Requirements (pdf file)

For slide shows of the exhibits, click on the links below.

Palestine Through Our Eyes: 60 Years Since the Nakba

This exhibit features photographs and writings by children related to a rare visit from a West Bank camp to the villages their families fled, and explores their relationship to these lands. The exhibit also includes panels from camps in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan that look at the children’s relationship to the Nakba and their lives and experiences in camps now. Introductory panels help the viewer contextualize the children’s work and the Palestinian refugee history and experience that are part of this show. The children whose work appears in this exhibit are living in Jenin camp, West Bank, Palestine; Al Wehdat camp, Jordan; Burj al Barajneh camp, Lebanon; Khan Eshieh camp, Syria. Summer 2007 - Winter 2008

Return to Yaffa

This exhibit tells the story of the journey of 26 Palestinian children from Balata refugee camp as they travel through Israeli checkpoints and the Apartheid Wall onto Israeli-only bypass roads that surround their communities. The children’s trip takes them to Jerusalem, Yaffa, the sea, their families’ lands within present-day Israel, and back “home” to the refugee camp. The captions, in the children’s own words, emphasize the journey itself, movement restrictions, the places the children visited, and the history of expulsion and denial of rights through personal narrative. Winter 2007

Life In Two Days

These photographs and writings are by fourteen children from Dheisheh Refugee Camp, West Bank, Palestine and show their visit to four of the villages that their grandparents fled in 1948. Winter 2006